Friday, May 27, 2005

Ribs and Barbie dolls

I read at Boing Boing:
Mattel is suing to shut down a BBQ joint in Quebec called "Barbie's," on the grounds that very stupid children might wander alone into the bar/restaurant and order ribs under the mistaken impression that they have something to do with the Barbie dolls. Mattel: "we think our customers are morons(TM)".
I guess I understand Mattel's concern.
What if people find out that ribs sold at Barbie's are floating ribs (that is, false ribs) previously removed from Barbie dolls? Haven't you noticed those small waists?

Monday, May 23, 2005

Choosing the copyright name for your business

Take a book in your hands and open it. Look for the copyright information and you will find a legal notice such as this*:
All rights reserved; no part of this publication may be reproduced or transmitted by any means, electronic, photocopying or otherwise, without prior permission of the publisher.
Now look at these pictures I took in my hometown (Pontevedra - Spain). Copyright is a funny name for a photocopy shop, don't you think?

(*) Taken from Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone - J.K. Rowling.

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Thursday, May 12, 2005

Flickr as a hosting service

Flickr is a very popular online service. Most of their users are individuals, but there are also some digital media that relie on Flickr to manage their pictures. For instance, Periodista Digital1, recently described at the New York Times and International Herald Tribune as "[...] one of the most widely read digital dailies in Spain, with 115,000 registered subscribers", is also an advanced user of Flickr.

Apparently from March Periodista Digital is using Flickr for hosting, managing and publishing images at their website. Here you have some examples:

News - Picture at Flickr
News - Pictures at Flickr: I, II.
News - Pictures at Flickr: I, II, III.
News - Picture at Flickr
News - Picture at Flickr

Note that not every image at Periodista Digital website is hosted by Flickr. Most are hosted by Periodista Digital itself.

So, think about it. Visiting Periodista Digital's Pro account at Flickr you may take a look, in advance, to some pictures that will be posted on their site and get a preview of what the next news can be. As usual you may do this by subscribing a feed of their photostream, available as RSS 2.0 and Atom.

On terms and conditions
Flickr states in its terms of use that its service "[...] is intended for personal use and is not a generic image hosting service. Professional or corporate uses of Flickr are prohibited." (thanks, Diego). Could this apply to Periodista Digital?

Users are also supposed to include a link back to Flickr when displaying images hosted on Flickr to outside websites: "[...] pages on other websites which display images hosted on must provide a link back to Flickr from each photo to its photo page on Flickr." Periodista Digital is not doing this so far.

Finally, do you know of any other popular online media that use Flickr as a publishing tool?

An Spanish version of this post is available at my personal weblog:
Periodista Digital también es usuario de Flickr and Más sobre Flickr y Periodista Digital.

(1) According to OJDInteractiva, main Spanish auditing service for online media (a IFABC member), Periodista Digital got last month (april 05) the following:
unique visitors - 451865
visits - 1798874
page loads - 5611919
Here you have a list of audited online newspapers. Periodista Digital is ranked 12th on unique visitors, 10th on visitors and 17th on page loads.

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