Friday, April 01, 2005

Creating categories at Blogger

The idea is simple: using Technorati site search for category keywords placed at the end of every post. First, you need to name categories using specific words you won't use when writing your posts. As an example for this blog I have chosen a combination of 'cat+category word'1. Then you only need to use Technorati site search to look for those special words (check links at sidebar: Post by categories). And, if you are adding Technorati tags in your posts you may do as shown at the end of this post (here also). You'll be killing two birds with one stone2.

I guess there will be lots of ways to create categories at Blogger, easier and more elegant. I'll be glad to hear about it.

You may read this post in Spanish here.

(1) For best effect you may hide text from view matching font colour with background
(2) My first idea was to take advantage of tags and Searchlet but people at Technorati told me that
'it is currently no way to restrict your tag search to a given weblog'.

Categories and Technorati tags:
cat, ,


Blogger John said...

Combining your method with, you can generate tags that link to & are also visible in the technorati tag search. The page for a given tag in your account then becomes a list of all the posts in that "category..." See my post at Freshblog.

11:04 PM  

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